Jen’s Top Priorities

Jen will work on legislation to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour to fight poverty and stimulate the economy

– Our current min wage is $10.50 ($20,160/year).

– 12.9% of Rhode Islanders live below the poverty line, and even full-time minimum wage workers cannot escape poverty. Raising to $15 would mean full-time workers earn $31,000/year, a massive improvement in quality of life.

– This also stimulates the economy because people can spend more money, therefore increasing tax revenues to help resolve our deficit without burdening families with higher tax rates.

Jen will work on legislation to implement the environmental policies outlined by the Green New Deal (GND)

– In our rural ocean-side district, we need to be focused on addressing climate change. Erosion, severe weather, downed trees, long power outages affect us all.

– The Green New Deal is a Congressional Resolution co-sponsored by 95 US House Reps and 14 US Senators. We will invest in green energy and create jobs to build the infrastructure for it, putting people to work and ensuring our economy is sustainable.

– We will NOT, however, allow our forests to be clear by corporations for solar fields.

Jen will work hard to encourage and grow small businesses in the area that will complement the character of our rural community.

– Use the RI Commerce Commission to draw in business.

– This commission has been used to bring business to the northern parts of RI but Southern RI has been largely ignored.

– Jen will take initiative to bring in businesses that work for our District, allowing our community members to prosper instead of just generating profits for big corporations headquartered out of state.

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